PUBLICATIONS EDITOR, American Booksellers Association

At the American Booksellers Association, I managed and wrote content for the newsletter Bookselling This Week. Topics ranged from author Q&As to recaps of the association’s monthly marketing and technology webinars. I also assisted in overseeing the Association’s website,

Author Interviews


“When I’m writing a book, all I know is that there is something enormous and murky that I’m drawn to, something that I want to spend years examining. In this case, I wanted to think about god, women, power.”

Lauren Groff on her book Matrix | Bookselling This Week, August 2021

“I got a real thrill out of writing a woman who was ultimately driven by rage, and I also found a sense of catharsis in helping her to navigate her way towards healing.”

Charlotte McConaghY on Once There Were Wolves | Bookselling This Week, July 2021
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Small Press Profiles

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Literary Event Coverage

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 The Fragility of Health and Friendship in Rheea Mukherjee’s The Body Myth |, January 2019